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diagnostics free full text mini p gp and p gp co expression in from fußhocker büro, source:mdpi.com
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an integrated pharmacokinetics ontology and corpus for text mining from fußhocker büro, source:bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral.com

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frontiers identification of febuxostat as a new strong abcg2 from fußhocker büro, source:frontiersin.org
effect of borneol on the expressions of mdr1 mrp1 mrp4 mrp5 and bcrp
the mechanism of the opening of the blood brain barrier by borneol from fußhocker büro, source:sciencedirect.com
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tea phytochemicals for breast cancer prevention and intervention from fußhocker büro, source:sciencedirect.com
tsa resistance was dependent on hif 1 acetylation at lysine
oncotarget trichostatin a resistance is facilitated by hif 1 from fußhocker büro, source:oncotarget.com
figure 2 the role of cav 1 in apoptosis fails to reach a consensus notes increased apoptosis cav 1 overexpression can promote cell apoptosis by
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phenolic compounds from the natural sources and their cytotoxicity from fußhocker büro, source:intechopen.com
modulating drug resistance by targeting bcrp abcg2 using from fußhocker büro, source:journals.plos.org

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